Our Team

Our team of students ranges from grades 9-12 within Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, a magnet school in the Metro Richmond Area which serves 12 surrounding districts. Mr. Daniel Mortensen and Dr. Stephen Day from the Virginia Center of Economic Education have provided much-needed training to our staff, as has Mrs. Tamara Sober from the VCU Department of Economics.


Lawrence Jia – Executive Director, Founder

Som Mohapatra – Vice President, Director of Technology 

Rachelle Smith – Northeast Director

Shameer Shams Southern Director

Angie XiaoMidwest Director

Eshaan Shetty – Mid-Atlantic Director

Ashant Nathan – United Kingdom Director

Dan Kindinki – Kenya Director

Kota SueoJapan Director

Daisy Jiao – China Director                                               

Autumn Hughes – Maggie Walker Director

Leyah Owusu – Group Leader, Linwood Holton Elementary School

Lauren Waller – Group Leader, Southside Boys and Girls Club

Gabi Cao Group Leader, Northside YMCA



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