In his freshman year, Lawrence Jia started an organization called Money Matters to Students, which focuses on raising awareness for and teaching about financial education. Through weekly and bimonthly student-led workshops at various after-school programs in Virginia and annual international missions trips to Inner Mongolia, we use proven curricula to teach basic personal finance material. Not only dedicated to improving financial literacy rates, we also stress college preparedness and the importance of education through encouragement lectures. Other ventures initiated this year include scholarship programs, field trips to local financial institutions, and 5K/concerts to raise awareness and fundraise for our effort. Overall, we impact approximately 300 students on a weekly basis directly, over 800 students in Inner Mongolia, and over 1,000,000 students through online lectures thus far. To make this happen, we lead a team of 80 high school students across county lines and 10 university students across the globe to help other kids. This nonprofit group is entirely student-led, with distinguished individuals from a plethora of institutions, including CEOs, CFOs, and Executive Directors from Capital One, the Virginia Council on Economic Education, and Venebio LLC. To find out more about this budding organization, visit www.moneymattersrva.org, our Facebook and Twitter pages, or email the Executive Director at larrytjia@gmail.com.



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