The 2016-17 Session Begins!

During the first week of school, our volunteers and organizers were hard at work preparing for their first workshops. With 25 student teachers trained and ready to teach hundreds of students, expectations were high to make a difference in our community. At the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and local public schools, we work individually with each child through interactive lessons and games to instill financial literacy skills and college preparedness motivation every week. Our organization consistently works with the same kids on a regular (weekly or bimonthly) basis to ensure we are fostering real growth in our community. For more information to get Money Matters involved at your after-school program, contact Executive Director, Larry Jia at



Northside YMCA and Holton Elementary School Locations Established

We are happy to announce a partnership with the Northside YMCA and their after-school program at the YMCA and Holton Elementary School. These biweekly workshops will occur every Wednesday at 4:00 for approximately one hour. We can’t wait to meet this year’s new students!

Money Matters China Youth Missions Trip Complete!

Starting in early July, Money Matters in partnership with the Tsinghua University and Tseng Hin Pei Charity Fund Summer Service and Learning Program conducted a trip to Dengkou, Inner Mongolia, China. Primary and middle school students in this rural and relatively poor area were taught English language skills and personal finance and economics skills. Money Matters founder, Larry Jia, gave his personal finance lectures in Chinese, and was selected to have his recorded lectures be uploaded to Tsinghua University’s poverty alleviation satellite program. Jia’s lectures, along with Tsinghua University professors’ lectures, will now be broadcasted to over 3,000 rural Chinese locations through a system of satellites. The 800 students were taught by a 10-person team, five of which were fielded from Tsinghua University, two from Macao universities, one from San Diego State University, and one from Oxford University. The two weeks not only resulted in lasting memories for the team members, but hopefully, also made an impact on the educational and financial futures of students in Dengkou, Inner Mongolia. For more information and/or questions, contact +1(804)-366-2459 or!

RPEC Youth Summit Seminar Success

This past week, MMTS officers had the great pleasure of hosting a training session at the Richmond Peace Education Center Youth Summit. It was a great success and begins our usage of proven curricula. Special thanks goes out to the Virginia Council of Economic Education for their continued and unwavering support of our development.

We had the chance to work with many special and interested young men and women. Our lessons contained workplace communication skills, saving/spending skills, and entrepreneurial finance. Look out for us in the future as we expand to other after-school programs!

Fundraising This Saturday!

Join us this Saturday at the Richmond Spring Festival and help raise funds for our organization by breaking New Years Resolutions and indulging in various authentic Asian cuisine and ol’ fashioned pizza too!

Where: 7211 Ironbridge Rd.                                                                                                          When: 4:00PM – 8:00PM                                                                                                            What: Dumplings, porridge, pizza, water/soda, Chinese pancakes, etc.

Welcome to Our Site

Money Matters to Students originated at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in Richmond, VA, as a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving young students in the Greater Richmond Area. It is pending 501(c)(3) certification with the IRS and Virginia Department of Commerce. We would like to thank our partners, first and foremost, the Virginia Center of Economic Education and the VCU Department of Economics. With over 50+ volunteers located at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, our organization strives to help other students understand basic personal finance information, tailored to his or her age through our curricula, and basic macroeconomics which are practical skills required in the “real world”night